Violet Link, preffered to be called by his nickname Vio, is the second youngest and third oldest of the Link Family. He shares his birthday with Red Link.

Violet Link





Main Weapon:

Sword of Light




Red, Green, Blue, Knil Link, Adlez Link, Grandpa, Uncle Smith

Biography Edit

Early Years Edit

Vio was born to Knil and Adlez Link. He was born minutes before Red and minutes after Blue. He would be taken hunting with Blue and Green, while they left Red behind.

Blood, Darkness, and Light Edit

To be added.

Abilities Edit

  • High Attack - Vio has the highest attack of the Links.
  • Swordsmanship
  • Hunting ability - Vio is the third best Hunter of the Links.

Weapons Edit

  • Vio's Mace - Vio's basic and first weapon. He has been using it since his seventh birthday.
  • Sword of Light - Blue gave this weapon to Vio twice - after finding it, and after winning it.
  • Shield

Quotes Edit


Death is here

== Gallery ==

Trivia Edit

  • Vio is commonly called Hammy in one episode, this began with The Mayor.

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