Real Name Unknown. Red's School is the school which Red attends.

History Edit

Widely unknown.

List of Students Edit

  • Unnamed girl
  • Unnamed guy
  • Bilbo


Requirements Edit

Red's School is a top notch acedemy. It is also a boarding school. In order to attend, you must have near perfect grades, ace the entrance exam, have a scholorship, be referred there, and know a guy. Red has achieved only the last one, but got in by threatening the owners son.

Known teachings Edit

  • Swordplay
  • Hunting
  • Advanced techniques
  • Defense against darkness
  • Math
  • Science
  • History/Mythology
  • Basic survival
  • Advanced survival
  • Hyrulish (Language Arts/English)
  • Cooking
  • Advanced weapon meistering
  • Swordsmithing
  • Poetry

Trivia Edit

  • This school participates in the Interschool Olympics/Twischool Tournement/Competition of Coffee. It calls it the Interschool Olympics.