The Interschool Olympics, also called the Twischool Competition, the Competition of Coffee, and many other names, is a competition between schools throughout Earth. Each location of Earth has a school that participates. The Surface/Underworld and The Sky also participate. Oddly, the school from Vegas does not participate. It happens every four years.

List of Schools Edit

  • Hawgwarts of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Twischool Competition)
  • D.W.M.A. (Death Weapon Meister Acedemy) of The Sky (Student Placement Exams)
  • East Hyrule High of Hyrule (Competition of Coffee)
  • St. Vincents School for Dudes and Chicks (Monetary Division) of The Surface/Underworld (Cross-Country Games)
  • West Termina Prep of Termina (Competition of Coffee)
  • Bratsilvia Academy of Narnia (Inverse Prepetary Tournement)

Trophy Edit


The trophy dude.

The trophy of these events is the main object of the game. This trophy is highly sought after, and is considered the ultimate holy grail. It consists of a wooden pedestool, with a shield connected to it, and three swords poking from the top. It is given to the school who wins the tournement, except in one case where the trophy is lost forever. They have since made a replica.

Events Edit

  • Defense: The first event tests defense and tracking ability. The object is to find two scrolls - A life scroll, and a death scroll. You must then take them to the end of the forest, where you will be taken to the next area. You must defend against fellow competetors and win the scrolls. This awards the iron shield to the first to reach the end.
  • Attack: The second event tests attack and survival ability. Twelve organized competitions begin, each with two weapons of choice. There will be seven winners per competition. The first to finish is given the bronze sword.
  • Speed: The third event tests speed and smarts. A race takes place while you must get past the seven gateways, which ask extremely hard questions. The first to finish is given the golden sword.
  • Agility: The fourth event tests agility and luck. Random names are pulled out of hats, and are chosen to go through this event. After the names are chosen, the chosen must find their way out of a maze, while trying to retrieve a stolen item. The winner recieves the silver sword.
  • Flowers: The final event is hardest. A battle royale commences after taking a written test, but you must beat the clock as well, otherwise there will be no winner.

Trivia Edit

  • Knil Link was a known champion for eight years, until he graduated. Ever since then, East Hyrule High has had a long losing streak for almost ten years.