Guide Edit

  • When making a chracter talk, format it like this:

Green: Hi.

Blue: Hello,

Vio: Yo!

Red: Wassup?

  • To make affacts, format it like this:

Red: *running*

Vio: *swings mace*

Blue: *jumps*

  • To talk in reality, format it like this:

Red: Lemony gotta go

(I gotta go to bed.)

Green: Yup.



Blue: Cheese.

  • Roleplays will be paused when someone has to leave.
  • No godmodding. This is making you character super strong. Sometimes bosses can be like this, which is the exception.
  • No PowerPlaying. This is taking control of another persons characters. Some characters, like Zelda, can be played by anyone, but chracters like Green or Vio are to be played only by their respective owners. If you want someones character to do something, tell them in reality.