Blue Link is the second oldest and third youngest of the Link Family. He shares his birthday with Green.

Blue Link





Main Weapon:

Sword of Darkness




Violet Link, Red Link, Green Link, Knil Link, Adlez Link, Grandpa, Uncle Smith

Biography Edit

Early Years Edit

Blue was born to Knil and Adlez Link. They later died, and he was sent to live his grandpa. He was born minutes after Green, and minutes before Vio. He was given his sword at age seven, and would hunt with Green and Vio.

Blood, Darkness, and Light Edit

To be added.

Personality Edit

Blue is calm, cool, and adventureous. He can be a bit headstrong at times, but also remains calm. He is also kind to a degree, and is popular with the ladies.

Abilities Edit

  • High Agility - Blue has the highest agility of the four brothers.
  • Swordsmanship.
  • Hunting

Weapons Edit

  • Blue's Sword - This is Blue's basic and first weapon. He has since discarded it.

Quotes Edit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Blue is allergic to __

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