Blue's Sword was Blue's former sword, before obtaining the Sword of Darkness. It is a Rank D weapon.

History Edit

Blue's Sword was given to Blue on his seventh birthday. It was intended for hunting, and Blue used it quite often. He later became his main weapon when fighting with his brothers. It was obtained from a souvenir shop by Blue's grandfather down by the park, deep in the woods, out by the water, deep in the ground and was bought by an old lady with a glass eye, a gold tooth, tattoos, and green/blue hair for 5 Rupees. Later, Blue discarded it after obtaining the Sword of Darkness. Red then stole it.

Abilities Edit

  • Blue's Sword is a bit heavier than the other brothers'.

Wielders Edit

  • Old Lady with a glass eye, a gold tooth, tattoos, and blue/green hair.
  • Grandpa

Trivia Edit

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